Marketing Core

Transform data into knowledge and knowledge into action.

Through real-time analysis and segmentation of your data, you can ask Marketing Core the questions your organization needs to answer. Once answered, seamlessly execute a campaign on a number of different communication channels. All of this can be accomplished with no list management and no technical queries.

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How it Works

Fully Extendable

Data Integration

It starts with loading data into Marketing Core via several different methods. The system is designed to integrate with data outside of BridgeBots easily, so no IT department or custom software development is required. Uploading data with an associated id allows you to sync data with your existing systems.
The Magic of


Marketing Core tags allow you to store any information related to a contact in tag form that can later be used to ask questions of Marketing Core. Tags can be products/services, complex demography, contact categorization, or any other piece of information your organization finds useful.
Natural Language

Filter Engine

Filter Engine allows you to ask multi-variable questions to Marketing Core in a natural language format with an easy to use interface. The ability to include, require, or excluded data sets with certain elements allows you to ask almost any question. Filter Engine’s geospatial understanding will enable you to understand your data as it relates to the physical world, creating much more realistic models than a spreadsheet could ever deliver. Filter Engine can also compare elements, allowing you to understand the negative space or holes in your data. This understanding not only shows you the data you have but the information that is missing and how it all relates.
Auto Managing

Smart Lists

Filters created in the Filter Engine can be stored as a Smart List. Through saving the filter as a Smart List, the concept captured by the Filter Engine is preserved for future use. By storing the concept instead of the specific data, the Smart List becomes self-managing. As the data in your organization changes, such as your relationships to contacts, Smart Lists are automatically updated.
Fully Extendable

Communication Channels

Now that you have a Smart List representing some segment of your organization, you have several options. Marketing Core includes many seamless communication channels and export options to allow you to build and launch highly personalized communications in literally minutes. So no matter what medium you want to use, email, mail, phone, etc., we have you covered.